Duncan Aviation commits to support UAS market

Duncan Aviation recently expanded its initiatives to support the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) by signing an agreement with Robotic Skies. The Robotic Skies agreement is consistent with Duncan Aviation’s efforts to focus on the need of larger unmanned airframes for maintenance and repair.

“We anticipate that as commercial unmanned systems increase in size and mission complexities, their support infrastructure will mirror what we see in manned aviation today. As a result, our existing corporate aviation customers, who will eventually add unmanned systems to their fleets, will look to us for repair and maintenance on those airframes,” says Kevin Miesbach, Duncan Aviation Components Business Development Manager. “Our agreement with Robotic Skies will help us be prepared to meet that market demand as it develops.”

Robotic Skies is a brokered global network of more than 160 independently-owned and operated repair stations providing maintenance and repairs on commercial unmanned systems. The company markets its services to commercial UAS manufacturers and enterprise fleet operators and is building a portfolio of clients that manufacture or operate complex unmanned systems, ranging from high-end industrial multirotors to optionally piloted aircraft.

Duncan Aviation and Robotic Skies signed a preliminary agreement in July 2015 to explore the emerging UAS aerospace segment. This new contract builds additional detail onto that initial agreement.

“We are thrilled to have an industry leader like Duncan Aviation as a partner in our service center network,” says Brad Hayden, President & CEO of Robotic Skies.

“Duncan Aviation is known for making bold moves to position itself as an industry leader in the manned aviation space and is setting the stage to bring that same capability and professionalism into the unmanned aircraft market. Duncan Aviation’s large footprint, combined with their unique structural, powerplant, and avionics capabilities are an enormous asset for the overall Robotic Skies solutions offering.”