China: 93 newly-registered general aviation airports in just six months

According to state media in the country, China is experiencing a fast-developing general and business aviation industry: 93 general aviation airports were newly-licensed in the first half of 2018 alone.

State-owned and operated media agency, Xinhua, informed that an expansion of general aviation fleet size in the country and the licensing of a substantial number of general aviation airports shows China as one of the fastest-growing markets for non-scheduled aviation.

The report further notes that the country now has 404 airports, including 231 airports which support the movement of general aviation aircraft.

The general aviation aircraft registered in the country now stands at 2,415, according to the report.

The news agency suggests that by 2020, the country will see 200 new general aviation airports open, with the figure eventually reaching 2,000 by 2030.

Earlier this year, EVA was in attendance at ABACE 2018 in Shanghai, in which the Chinese government’s ‘loosened control’ has led to growth in the business aviation industry.

Speaking on recent changes that have spurred growth in the market, business leaders remarked that changes in government policy has led business aviation in China to flourish.

One leader discussed a number of policy changes just last year which signified a “loosening of control” on aviation by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The leader stated that the CAAC had changed its “mind-set” on business aviation and has changed policies to fully support the sector.

Some of the policy changes that were referenced were the simplification of procedures for repair companies and for general aviation airports, allowing them to complete business as they wish. The CAAC is also said to be championing more streamlining and delegation when it comes to business aviation.

The CAAC is also promoting public consultation with regards to aviation and tourism. It is also promoting the hiring of many pilots and flight crew, actively simplifying the process of applying for the positions needed.

Alongside hiring new employees to support the growth of business aviation, the CAAC is also keeping a close eye on infrastructure in the sector, ensuring that it can meet the demand.