Bombardier Launches Iridium Certus Connectivity Service as Baseline Feature on Challenger 3500 Aircraft

Bombardier today announced that all Challenger 3500 aircraft will now be equipped with Iridium Certus connectivity as a baseline feature, providing clients with a highly reliable internet service.

Collaborating with Collins Aerospace, Bombardier’s Preferred Service Provider for fleetwide connectivity services, this new offering will support the aircraft’s exquisite on-board experience and ensure heightened productivity.

With a top connection speed of 704 Kbps, Iridium Certus provides a strong foundation for connectivity needs, with the lowest latency and the largest coverage, stretching from north to south and from east to west.

Thanks to a constellation of more than 66 cross-linked satellites, passengers will benefit from a truly global network with higher data speed for optimal efficiency and a seamless in-flight experience.

All present operators of Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 aircraft will be able to install this new service as a retrofit in Bombardier’s extensive service centre network.

“We are proud of our leadership position of the industry when it comes to cabin comfort and reliability,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense.

“By incorporating the new Certus system to Challenger 3500 jets, we offer our clients a highly reliable connectivity service with pole-to-pole coverage.

“This shows our unwavering commitment to our clients.”

Building on the Challenger series’ strong track record of reliability and undisputed performance, the Challenger 3500 jet boasts an extra luxurious interior, including Bombardier’s stylish and exclusive Nuage seat.

The aircraft’s advanced design also prioritizes passenger wellness, with a dramatically lower cabin-pressure altitude that engenders a more pervasive sense of comfort and well-being.

The addition of the Certus service brings the Challenger 3500 in-flight experience to new heights.

“Collins Aerospace’s new Iridium SATCOM solution will provide Challenger 3500 operators with faster speeds, lower weight and smaller antenna footprint than legacy SATCOM systems allowing for minimum drag and lower power usage while providing more efficient connectivity services for the passengers in the cabin,” said Nate Boelkins, Vice President and General Manager Business and Regional Avionics at Collins Aerospace.