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Airbus Helicopters and International SOS join forces to launch a next generation emergency medical system improvement programme

Airbus Helicopters has partnered with International SOS to launch a next generation emergency medical system improvement programme, LifeSaver, which enhances healthcare systems to improve patient outcomes.

Estonia is the first country to work with International SOS and Airbus Helicopters to launch a national innovation programme dedicated to improving their emergency medical system (EMS) through LifeSaver.

Estonia is at the forefront of technological innovation, including in the medical sector.

By being the first to implement the LifeSaver solution, the country is taking a medium to long-term view on enhancing their EMS response capabilities.

The programme has been created to improve, modernise and support healthcare systems worldwide, many of which have faced significant pressure in the recent years from the pandemic.

The approach puts people at its heart by being designed to deliver improved medical outcomes and to save more lives.

This medically led programme maximises the use of modern technology by optimising results and creating equitable access to EMS regardless of location within a country.

It works based on the efficient and effective use of existing resources and optimises EMS processes to ensure efficiencies in delivery.

Nick Peters, President and CEO of Government Services, International SOS commented: “We, at International SOS, have 37 years of experience of putting people’s health and safety first and ensuring the best possible level and quality of care is being delivered to those who need it.

“Over the years much of work has included supporting governments and government agencies within diverse medical systems and cultures and this partnership with Airbus with the LifeSaver programme is an extension of this.

“We are delighted to be working with the government of Estonia, alongside Airbus, as we launch the LifeSaver programme in their country to enhance their EMS capabilities.”

Balkiz Sarihan, Head of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, said: “ LifeSaver is one of the ways how we as Airbus are working towards the next generation of emergency medical systems with International SOS and our existing network of operator partners and healthcare professionals.

“By working at the ecosystem level, we will be able to facilitate improvements in the rescue chain.

“Estonia brings the ideal launch environment as a country renowned for innovation, we are excited to develop this framework even further, by leveraging the country’s capabilities in the technology and digital domains.”

Joonas Vänto, Director of Invest Estonia, adds: “Our purpose with LifeSaver is ultimately improved patient outcomes and social benefits for Estonians.

“It is a great opportunity for us to showcase what Estonia offers in terms of innovation – technology performing in such a mission-critical environment is a strong case of best practice which other countries can learn to implement in their emergency medical systems.”