ABS Jets expands its fleet with three new aircraft

The private aviation company ABS Jets, which operates business jets, is adding three new aircraft to its fleet.

Clients can order each of them for their private flight.

ABS Jets is delighted to announce three new additions to the fleet. These are private planes, specifically a Bombardier Challenger 605, Cessna Citation XLS+ and Gulfstream G200, are from the mid size and heavy jet categories.

“We are very pleased with the current growth, thanks to which we are once again expanding the range of services for our clients,” says Jan Kralik, CEO of ABS Jets.

“The new Cessna Citation XLS+, Gulfstream G200 and Bombardier Challenger 605 aircraft are technologically advanced aircraft from the world’s leading manufacturers, which suitably complement our fleet exactly where our clients expect it. That is, especially in the mid-size and super mid-size category, which is ideal for offering private flights on the charter market.”

And what are the parameters of these aircraft?  


With a range of 7,400 kilometres and the widest cabin in its category, it is a popular and frequent choice for both longer transoceanic flights and shorter trips.

Challenger aircraft have flown more than 4.5 million flight hours, and they have proven to have consistent operational reliability and safety and are a respected choice among clients.

The spacious cabin, the widest in its class, with club, sofa and conference seating provides a comfortable space for rest and work during the flight. The cabin can be adapted to sleep up to 5 people.

The professional kitchen enables the preparation of hot and cold meals during the flight.

12 passenger | 827 km/h | 7,400 km


This aircraft offers great performance in a popular mid-size jet with a range of 3,900 km and lower operating and maintenance costs in this category of aircraft.

A spacious cabin (wide adjustable seats, cabin standing height and large luggage compartment) combined with low operating costs, comparable to light jets, are one of the many reasons for choosing this aircraft.

Its ability to take off and land at smaller airports or short runways is a major advantage.

9 passengers | 816 km/h | 3,900 km


The longest range at the highest speed with a comfortable cabin. The G200 is among the fastest jet aircraft in the Super Mid-Size category in the world!

A generous and spacious cabin, warm catering with in-flight service, the ability to land at less-accessible airports and lower operating costs are the reasons for choosing this aircraft.

8 passengers | 850 km/h | 6,300 km

Aircraft entering the charter market!

These new aircraft are also entering the charter market – clients can order them for their private flight needs. Simply place your request using the online form at

Clients receive a response within one hour 24/7 and you can fly on the selected aircraft or on-board a different, more efficient aircraft for the same flight within two hours.